Diagnose my AirPods

Know your Airpods generation

Way to find generation

Refurbished AirPods Grade Guide

How to recognize refurbished grade

Grade A

The same as new condition or clean appearance with no scratches, less than 1 scratch.

Grade B

There are some minor scratches, but the scratches can be erased through isopropyl alcohol or plastic gloss.

Grade C

When you touch the surface with your fingers, you can feel a deep scratch or visible scratch appearance.

Unavailable for Trade-in
Grade D

The following issues cannot be fixed. Fake, Broken surface, Bottom mesh part failure, Deep scratch, Flooding, Product failure (Not a battery problem) such as Microphone breakdown, Blinking green color in the charging case alarm, Low and high speaker volume issues, AirPods Pro noise canceling issues, etc.


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