Our Story

Repods Global

Repods Global launched the AirPods Refurb Service to satisfy the needs of wireless earphone users and to make the earth a better place.

Repods Global is committed to achieving the goal of growing green recycling and circular economy and is seeking to enter the United States, Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia, and other overseas countries.

A new life to your AirPods,
Safe and best value for money
Refurb with Repods.

What happen during Refurbish ?

Skilled workforce

Mechanized robotic disassembly

Cleaning, Sensitization and Polishing to remove surface blemishes

Multi-step quality assurance frompower, audio quality, & bluetooth RF performance

Join the environmental protection
solution with Repods!

Trade in your AirPods
Repods buys AirPods for recycling.

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