Trade in AirPods

To protect the environment, please send us unused AirPods. All shipping costs are covered by Repods.

Trade-in Guide

If you leave a quote, we will provide additional information
• Shipping Address: KUKY GmbH(Repods Europe)
   Graf-Adolf-Straße 98 40210 Düsseldorf Germany
• Recipient: Repods Europe
•Phone: +49-211-1581 0919

Criteria disqualification for trade-in

  • The green light blinks when the unit is inserted into the main body.
  • If the microphone does not work
  • If the AirPods appearance grade is D grade

How to apply for a trade-in sale

  • After viewing the quote, please leave your name and contact information in the inquiry form and send the product to the shipping address below.
  • If you want quick feedback, please leave a message through chat.
  • Payment will be made after the product inspection is completed.

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